A Motherís Worst Nightmare

The knock at the door.
The urgent voice.
Thereís been an accident.
Come, weíll take you.
Itís your son.
Time seems to freeze.
NO. NO. Not my son.
The drive to the hospital,
KNOWING the truth,
Blanking it out.
NO. Oh No No No
Not my son.
Doctors milling.
The policemanís there.
I go in to look.
It is my son.
A motherís denial
Gives rise to hope.
Do something.
All of my love
Cannot repair
The damage thatís there.
All of the times
My love was enough.
My son grew to manhood.
I was so proud.
My son passed away.
Took with him my love.
It wasnít enough
To keep him with me.
But he knows he has it
For all eternity.

Jasmine Dienes-Stevens
June 1997
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