A Birth Occurred

 "Russell, today 3rd February 2007, would have been your 27th birthday so I wrote this poem:


The baby sent his message loud and clear
She was to buy him a Moses basket
He wanted it now, before he was born
So she waddled all the way into town
Against all odds she achieved a basket
Knowing there were only two days to go

On Monday the doctors would induce him
On Monday her husband would have a car
It was all arranged; Monday was THE day
But this baby had some other ideas
He wanted to be born naturally
So he decided the Sunday was good

The rush to the hospital in the van
No posh car available for this trip
She was feeling every bump in the road
Worrying if they would make it in time
Then there they both were in the labour ward
Delivering a son at two pm

Corin Jasmine Dienes

I know you are doing well in your present life.
I love you lots
Your Mum, Jasmine"